I Grew Up With The Notion That My Grandmother Is My Mother – Read Her Story

“I was abandoned by my mother at my grandmother’s place when I was 2 years old. I grew up with the notion that my grandmother is my mother; until she died. I was told that she wasn’t my mother. My biological mother was still alive. The first time I met her, she explained to me of how her and my father quarrelled leading to a divorce and in turn she remarried and she couldn’t take me along to her new husband, who already had 2 wives. So she had to keep me at grandma’s place. I cried out to her and asked why she didn’t show her face since all these times. It was already too late. In my teen days, I moved around with lots of boys doing all sorts of things; things I wasn’t proud of because there was no one to guide me and I couldn’t experience a mother’s love though my grandma tried her best. Things became better when I encountered God. I gave my life to him and turned a new leaf. I changed my ways and my mother supported me all the way. So I entered into my first official relationship which later turned to marriage. I got married and started having serious issues with my husband and this made us separate for good 8 years before we got back together and decided to have children. Today, he’s a pastor and I am a mother and teacher for my children.”

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