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Martin Beck Nworah – She Sent Me A Text Of Gratitude Again Today For No Reason (Read This)

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She sent me a text of gratitude again today for no reason, telling me she just remembered me and decided to reach out.

I once visited a priest during one of his Tuesday official office days to drop a package for him. That was where I met this lady.

While discussing with him, his secretary came into the office and told him a lady was waiting to meet him. We were about going for lunch, but he decided to hear her out.Martin Beck Nworah

I sat on the sofa while the lady walked in to have a conversation with the priest.

Her problem was related to marriage and she said every man who comes close to her doesn’t reach out for a second or third meeting.

I tried not to pay attention, but being in the same office, the Son of Nebu heard everything.

After her complaints, the priest told her some of those motivational words and prayed for her, assuring her the man of her dreams will come and stay.

I gave the priest a sign and asked if I could be allowed to talk with the lady. He obliged.
With very humble and friendly words, I told the lady God already answered her prayers. She was confused and didn’t understand.

“I received a ministration in my heart as the priest was praying for you. You need to buy a roll-on and use skin friendly perfume. Smell nice more.”

The priest noticed what I did there and told me to excuse them from the office entirely.
After about 20 minutes, the lady came out smiling with a nylon. She thanked me and requested for my phone number.

I walked back to the office and asked the priest why she was so happy and excited.
He told me after I left, he decided to explain to her in details, the importance of personal hygiene and why she needs to smell really nice. In fact he was open and told her the air in his office became foul immediately she entered. She confided in him that her salary as a salesgirl is not enough to feed, talk of those extra stuff.

So the priest gave her roll-on, perfume and a little money for some personal effects.
She called later that evening to thank me for what I said and the manner I presented it without making her feel bad.
God indeed answered her prayers and she’ll be getting married this Easter.

Sometimes it may not be a spiritual problem. God might’ve answered your prayers.
Smell nice and smile as you meet new people. Please!
Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.
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