“Stepping Into My Father’s Shoes As The Man Of The House” – Read My Story

“Stepping into my father’s shoes as the man of the house was a really tough one for me. My father died in 2017 and my mother struggled real hard to take care of the family. I had to work hard on my skills and started playing musical instruments at events in order to get paid.

Once I am paid, I give the money to my mother and she shares it for the family upkeep. She often tells me to have savings but what is there to save if your family is hungry and don’t have food to eat? So I often gave her everything. I recalled my father’s advice when he was still alive.

He told me it is important for a man to have his own money. So little by little, I started saving my own money and my sister started contributing her small quota too. We all tried to support one another and sustain our family. We didn’t have enough, but we managed just fine. And this is why I love family, because when the going gets tough, you can always support one another to rise and keep hope alive.”

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