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I’m not so sure now, but I think we stopped talking two years after her boyfriend was imprisoned in jail in an Asian country. We met recently and my ears couldn’t contain all the things she told me happened to her.
Before his arrest, he had sent money to his elder brother to begin a building project for him. He trusted his girlfriend so much, so he also sent her some money to buy a property for him in her home state of Imo.
About six months after receiving the money from him, she was able to secure the property and sent pictures to her boyfriend. They were making plans for his return before his arrest.
He spent five years in jail before he was released and deported back to Nigeria in March of 2019.
She was excited about his return for two reasons; one, she had remained faithful to him all through those years and never allowed any other man get close to her. She was waiting patiently for him and against all advice and sound reason, stood her ground to wait for the guy. This was part of the reasons the Son of Nebu stopped talking with her. Secondly, the property she bought was in a good business site and the returns were steady. She believed once he returned, they would get married and continue with their life. After all, she had been loyal and faithful.
When the young man returned, he had a serious falling out with his elder brother that 2019 because he didn’t build anything. He ate the money and dared the consequences, telling his younger brother he was lucky he didn’t die in prison in Asia.
The young man wanted to take the route of violence with his elder brother but family members reined in on him.
They told him all the sermon of blood is thicker than water and he should forgive and forget. You know those words they employ to emotionally blackmail you and keep you in check.
Out of anger in one of the family meetings to broker peace between him and his elder brother, he told them that even his girlfriend, someone who isn’t family diligently did what he told her to do and the returns are coming in. Right there, he told them he was going to marry her.
That was his greatest mistake!
After that announcement, everyone in his family turned their attention on the girl. They started by saying their family never marry from Imo State and that didn’t fly well with him.
Then they launched a bitter campaign of putting doubt in the guy’s mind, telling him there was no way the lady would’ve remained faithful to him for five years. That she stuck around because of the property she was managing. Like play like play, he bought into their words and started acting up.
“Son of Nebu, na so baby boy came to my house one day and started raising hell, asking me to tell him who and who I’ve been cheating on him with.”
She was broken and devastated. For one, she lost friends and close relatives because of her insistence to stay the course till this guy came out from jail. And this is how he planned to repay her?
Long story short, the guy said he can’t marry her because he didn’t know what she has been doing with herself those five years. This was after collecting and finalizing title documents in his name and making sure she had no access to that property again.
“Beck ehh, I went into depression and nearly committed suicide if not for my mother. God bless that woman for me. She was there for me every step of the way.”
The break up happened around September 2019 and she was able to get back on her feet around June of 2020. God so kind and her beauty so evident, she fell in love around November 2020 and everything flowed well. Traditional and white wedding will be happening this Easter.
When I asked about her ex, she told some stories she heard about the guy being poisoned by unknown people. But he is dead now.
I felt cold chills.
I’m glad she’s getting a better life with a man who truly loves and adores her.
The things some women pass through ehh, I can’t shout!
Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.
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