“We met at the strangest of times: early hours of Saturday by 04:00am. – Read her Story

“We met at the strangest of times: early hours of Saturday by 04:00am. That morning, I was coming back from a vigil when I bumped into him because it was still dark. We both turned and apologized to each other. He excused and asked me whether I also came to attend the programme.

We spoke on that spot for about 5 minutes and he ended up collecting my phone number and apologized again for the incident that occured earlier. In my mind, he was such a polite young man. Our talks advanced into a relationship and then it was time to get married.

We both introduced ourselves to our parents but my parents weren’t happy with one thing about him; his hometown. They have relatives who married from the same hometown as my fiancé but their marriages aren’t going well; some dissolved and others were having issues so they advised me not to marry him. I insisted on getting married to him and my parents supported me regardless.

During the early years of the marriage, I became very sick that I couldn’t stay in my husband’s house. I had to go back to my parents house. I was with them for a period of two months because of that sickness. During my stay at home with my parents, people and even my siblings were attaching my sickness to being caused by my husband so he can marry another wife.

Eventually, I got better from the sickness and went back to my husband and kids. I reached home and to my surprise, I saw my hubby taking care of our children.

That day, he decided to stay at home and cooked for us. Together, we have six children and he’s a lovely father to our children and husband to me. I had my heart in my hands when I made up my mind to marry him, but I’m glad we are good.”

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